4 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts
cup virgin olive oil
1 large fresh grapefruit
2 glass jars with lids
16 oz. apple juice + beet juice


First day:

Second day:

Some stones will likely be seen in the toilet upon the first bowel movement after a liver cleanse. It may take several cleanses over a period of months to clear all of them out from the liver.

Following a liver cleanse, it is useful to have several coffee enemas to pull further toxins that are stored in the liver.

To kill parasites of whatever variety, it is necessary to consume a product containing wormwood, the green hulls of black walnut, and cloves. These come packaged in capsules in various formulations, available in health food stores. In addition, citrucidal, garlic and goldenseal are beneficial when dealing with parasites. Parasites run on a 2 week cycle (according to Dr. Clark) so generally the parasite cleanse lasts 4 weeks, to get two complete cycles.

Please note: This document is for information purposes only. The above procedure should always be carried out under the supervision and in conjunction with a qualified health professional.