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Please find links below to the forms you need to read and/or bring with you when you come for your colonic irrigation session.  

Please read them both and fill in the client detail form. This will save us time during your appointment and will enable us to get on with the therapy as soon as possible after you arrive.

Colonic Irrigation Documents

If you have booked an appointment for a colonic - please review both of these documents and bring them with you when you come for your appointment. Each form will open in a new window on top of this one.

If you have also booked a live blood analysis, please remember not to eat for 3 hours beforehand.

1. Address & cancellation policy

2. Client detail form (print out, fill in & bring with you if you wish to make maximum use of your time here)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have opted to carry out an analysis of your metabolism in conjunction with your colon hydrotherapy - please email us for the MT assessment forms. The results of your metabolic analysis will enable you to make most use of your colonic therapy and will help you build health, energy levels and achieve weight control on an ongoing basis.