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If you have booked an appointment then please take a look at the appropriate documents below. You may need to fill them in and bring them with you. It is not essential to fill them in before you come for your appointment, but it will allow us to use the maximum time during your appointment for the actual therapy - rather than filling in forms. Please do not email them back - rather please print them off and bring them with you.

Pre-Appointment Client Documents

Thank you for booking an appointment with us. Please click the link that is relevant to the therapy you are coming for.

1. Colonic Irrigation

2. Naturopathic Consultation

***Comprehensive Travel Directions - Please review***

Click here for detailed maps & travel directions including road, rail and bus.

We would like to ask you to arrive for your appointment exactly on time as we do not have a waiting room and it is likely there will be another client immediately before you. 


Information Documents For Existing Clients

The forms below are for existing clients.

1. Liver Cleanse Protocol

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