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Important New Book About
Alternative Cancer Therapy

Cancer Action Plan: Useful, 
Innovative, Alternative
Cancer Therapies

Most people know of someone
struggling with cancer. 
However, very few people
know much about alternative
cancer therapies. Oftentimes,
when individuals do take an
interest, they find it difficult to
separate the wheat from the
chaff. This is terrible shame,
because there are some very
important & useful alternative
therapies developed by reput-
able mainstream scientists.

For this reason, when writing
Cancer Action Plan, the authors
aim has been to create a reliable
& accurate single information
resource containing the most
important information a person
with cancer needs to know.
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Equipment & Therapeutic Supplies

We can help you with equipment for two separate therapies.  The first is colonic irrigation - the second is oxygen-ozone therapy.  Please see below for more details.

Colonic Irrigation Equipment

We can help you obtain the machines shown below - as well as provide you with the information you need to know about installation.  We can also supply you with high quality low cost speculums (please contact us for sample). 

Colonic Equipment suitable for professional therapists: